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How to set or get the selected tab index of MVC Telerik tabstrip in JQuery?

In this post I’ll show how to set the tab index to Telerik tabstrip or get the selected tab index using client scripting i.e. JQuery.
Set the tab index: Create one function in your JQuery plugin or page, and call this function on either OnLoad of tabstrip or anywhere else you want to set the tab index.
function SetTabStrip() { //Get the tab strip. var tabStrip = $("#TabStrip").data("tTabStrip");
//Set the tab index on which tab you want to navigate. var index = 0;
//Get the DOM element using Index var domElement = $("li", tabStrip.element)[index];
//Finally select that DOM element.; }
Get the tab index: Same way you can create one function to get selected index method using below code (or you can find tab index in existing method if you want).
function GetTabStripIndex() {
// Find selected tab and then get index. var selectedIndex = $("#TabStrip > ul").find(".t-item.t-state-active").index();
return selectedInde…