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How to create RSS feed or Atom feed with .Net Syndication

Overview Every other website that routinely publishes contents provides syndication feed to its users. A syndication feed can be a static XML file that gets created automatically whenever new content is published or it can be a dynamic web page that gets the latest published items and provides the appropriate XML markup. A good example of data-sharing using XML is Web site syndication, commonly found in news sites and Web logs. Another example is Twitter provides feeds of user's most recent tweets.
With the help of syndication feed, a Web site publishes its latest content in an XML-formatted file. Because it conforms to a known XML standard, its data can be parsed by any language that knows how to work with the syndication standard. There are a number of syndication formats in use, one of the more popular ones being RSS 2.0.
About Syndication in .Net Microsoft introduced System.ServiceModel.Syndication namespace in .Net Framework 3.5, before that there was not any built-in mechanism …