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C# Regex to format your tweet feed and create links from your tweet feed text

Twitter expose API to show tweets on your site. But tweet feed return your tweet as normal texts (i.e. all your links are not there), and if you show these tweet feeds on your site, then it’ll be shown as plain text.
So you want your tweet to be shown same as it is live on twitter, i.e. text along with all the links?
To do this we can use Regex (Regular Expression). Regex is very handy to solve our problems.
What need to be replaced?
·Links starting with http:// ·Links starting with www ·Twitter username links, i.e. @sandeepkumar17 ·Twitter hash tag links, i.e. #India
 So I have created one method to format the tweet text, just pass the tweet text to this method and it’ll return your tweet with all the links.
//use for namespace for regular expression. using System.Text.RegularExpressions;
privatestaticString GetFormattedTweet(string tweetText) { var httpLinks = @"(^|[\n ])([\w]+?://[\w]+[^ \n\r\t< ]*)"; var wwwLinks = @"(^|[\n ])((www|ftp)\.[^ \t\n\r< ]*)"; var twitterNa…