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String.ToTitleCase() extension method to convert String to Title Case or Pascal Case

As you most of you already aware, there are ToLower() and ToUp­per() meth­ods available for String class in C#, but there is no method to con­vert a string to ‘Title Case’. We can implement this conversion with the help of Tex­tInfo class which has a ToTi­tle­Case method, but you can’t create a new instance of the Tex­tInfo type as there is no pub­lic con­struc­tor available. Instead you will need to first cre­ate a new CultureInfo object. To create a new CultureInfo object you can either use hard-coded culture or you can  use the cur­rent cul­ture of the exe­cut­ing thread as:
var cultureInfo = System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture;
That way, if you don’t care about the cul­ture info you’re using, you will just default to what­ever cul­ture info your cur­rent thread is using, much cleaner than the alternative!
Here I'm writing extension method of String  namedToTitleCase, in class StringExtension, I have created three extension method, one with current culture info…

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