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Allow Only Numbers into a Textbox

Sometime it is requirement that we only want number to be entered through textbox, for e.g. we need to enter age through textbox, age will be always in number, to stop user from entering non-numeric value either we can use validation control and raise error when non-numeric value will be entered, or we can stop user from entering non-numeric word at all by using Javascript/Jquery.

Here I will show how to use Javascript to allow only numbers to be entered in a textbox. This solution works in in all browsers.

function NumericOnly(evt) {
    var e = evt
    if (window.event) { // For IE browsers
        var charCode = e.keyCode;
    } else if (e.which) { // For Safari 4, Firefox 3.0.4 and more
        var charCode = e.which

    if (charCode > 31 && (charCode < 48 || charCode > 57))
        return false;

    return true;

use this function as:
<input type="text" id="txtNumeric" onkeypress="return NumericOnly(event);" />

on keypress event functi…

ASP.NET QueryString Structure, Example and Limitations

Several time in ASP.NET applications we need to transfer data or information provided by user from one aspx page to another. To transfer data we can use several method, QueryString is one of them.
Query strings are data that is appended to the end of a page URL. They are commonly used to hold data like page numbers or search terms or other data that isn't confidential. Unlike ViewState and hidden fields, the user can see the values which the query string holds without using special operations like View Source.
QueryString is an example of GET method. QueryString is very handy when we need to pass low secure small content from one page to another page. But if we need to pass secure information like credit card number etc or large amount of data then we can't use QueryString.

Structure of Query String
Query strings are appended to the end of a URL. First a question mark is appended to the URL's end and then every parameter that we want to hold in the query string. The paramet…